• "I had always been reluctant to see a chiropractor. I had heard all the stories and thought it was a scam. I suffered for years with all types of pain. Then finally after waking up one morning not being able to move my neck, my boss referred me to Dr. Mosbach. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. My neck problems are gone, my back is also doing very well. Best of all I have returned to my hobbies and work without any problems. The chiropractic care has also had a positive mental impact on me. I feel lucky to have been sent to Dr. Mosbach."
    Mark W.
  • "Before seeing Dr. Jim I suffered with back pain for years and with leg and shoulder pain with pain down the arms for about 10 years as well. I was put on Naproxin and took over the counter medication too. I was in constant discomfort. After only a few weeks I could see a big difference. I am greatly impressed and I can now finally move my body without pain! I have much more strength too."
    RonMargaret P.
  • "I had suffered with lower back pain that started 15 years ago. I had seen two other doctors that just gave me muscle relaxers and pain killers. They said the only other solution was surgery. So my son suggested I see his chiropractor, Dr. Mosbach. After just a few weeks Dr. Mosbach had me out of pain. Dr. Mosbach explains everything you need to know and what he's going to do. I have been able to do more and feel better about my back since he has treated me."
    Joe W.
  • "There have been a wide range of aliments, which I have sought chiropractic for such as headaches, lower back pain, sciatica, and neck and shoulder pain. To ease the pain, I often resorted to taking over the counter pain medications or prescribed medications. However, with visits to Dr. Mosbach, I no longer suffer needlessly. Without routine visits to Dr. Mosbach, my normal life would be disrupted with severe pain. I feel my overall health is excellent due to chiropractic care. I am such a firm believer in the benefits of chiropractic care that all three of my children are patients of Dr. Jim's as well."
    Ana W.

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